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We provide a full range of advanced pain management and wellness services to help our patients return to a healthy and pain-free lifestyle. Our comprehensive approach to pain management is individualized, and we are committed to providing the most effective treatments by utilizing the latest technologies and treatments for each patient. Through our unique and integrated approach our patients trust us to get them back to feeling and functioning their best as quickly and safely as possible.

Who we are

Our multidisciplinary practice network is located in Rolling Hills Plaza in the beautiful city of Torrance, California. Situated in the heart of the South Bay, we utilize doctors and providers of Chiropractic, Pain Management, Orthopedics, Massage Therapy, one-on-one muscle therapy, Pilates and more to carry out your individualized treatment plan. No more jumping around from doctor to doctor, our team of specialists work together for superior, customized treatments and to get you back to feeling your best.

In our modern practice environment, patient comfort and satisfaction are our priority. Call us to schedule your evaluation and start on your path to better living today!


Our Unique Approach

We successfully treat all types of pain by combining effective modern pain relief techniques with a homeopathic approach. We focus on improving the quality of life of our patients through the use of sequentially administered pain relieving techniques and muscle reeducation therapies. Our patients are important to us, and by customizing with them an individual treatment plan, we incorporate physical therapy, nutrition, and pain management into daily habits, promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle.

We understand that all pain is different. We diagnose and treat various acute to chronic pain conditions. Our knowledgeable doctors and specialists help ensure the most complete and effective methods of treatment. We specialize in all forms of pain management, including rehabilitation, physiotherapy, massage therapy, minimally-invasive surgical procedures and non-surgical procedures with the resources to identify the proper treatment as quickly and effectively as possible.



We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for our patients and helping them return to everyday activities.
Meet some of our patients and discover how we helped them get back their quality of life.

Graham's portrait

"I have a lot less pain and feel like my mobility is getting better. Definitely got much better!"

Melissa's portrait

"My life had basically come to a stop. Now after Dr. Weitzman’s treatment
I have absolutely no pain"

Jason's portrait

"I’ve recommended them to my family and friends. Everybody’s really happy, it makes me look good!"

Sophia's portrait

"Dr. Weitzman has helped me immensely. The issues I had in my right leg have completely been eliminated!"

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